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How to obtain a free estimate for lawn care services:

Fill out this form and click "Go". A map will load based on the information provided. You need to outline the entire property and not just the grass areas and then click the green check mark at the bottom of the map. You will then get an estimated pricing for different services such as: one time mow, weekly mowing - pay as you go, weekly mowing - monthly plan, 5-step weed and feed program, aeration, and overseeding. You must select at least one item by clicking on the price of that item and then submit at the bottom and fill out the contact form in order for us to receive your request.

Once we receive your request we will review it and either accept it or return it with any adjustments in the pricing.

There is a first time mow price for all new customers on their first visit. 

The monthly mowing plan averages $5 cheaper per mow then the pay as you go method.

Pricing is based on the property being serviced weekly. Other schedules will be priced accordingly.


We do try to lock in pricing for the whole season, but any price increases during the season for existing customers will be given with a 1 month advanced warning.


Full terms for mowing can be found at

Other services are available upon request. Please send request to

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